Monday, May 18, 2015

Botox in Mexico: Find Out if You’re a Candidate for the Procedure

Healthy, of Age, and Not Expecting A Botox injection is completely safe if administered by qualified doctors, but it might pose a risk to the patient if he or she is not healthy, of age, or pregnant. The ideal age range for getting Botox in Tijuana is from 18 to 65. While the age limit of 65 is not strictly imposed, it is recommended that people over that age do not undergo the procedure because they might have weak neural junctions which will render the treatment ineffective. Pregnant women and people with illnesses are also poor candidates for the cosmetic procedure. In any case, it is best to get your doctor’s opinion if your condition will affect the treatment negatively. No Allergies and Substance Abuse Problems Having allergies without informing your doctor is an accident waiting to happen. Before you undergo any procedure, it is a good rule to tell your doctor if you’re allergic to any drugs, and do your research about what you can expect from a specific treatment. If y

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