Thursday, September 10, 2015

CO2 Laser Resurfacing and Other Treatments and How They Can Help You

When people think of lasers, they don't often think about it being used as cosmetic treatments for the skin. However, the use of lasers to help people look good has actually been around for some time. Since 40 years ago, argon or CO2 laser has treated vascular birthmarks that marred the face. Since then, people have been using lasers to remove skin imperfections and improve their looks, with further advances enabling more options. How It Works Lasers work by producing highly intense light that functions in a specific wavelength ranging from the visible violet to the invisible infrared. Depending on the particular wavelength used, there are various effects on parts of your skin. For example, vascular skin lesions, those marks on your skin caused by your blood clotting, absorb laser light in the visible range resulting in them being heated and destroyed.

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